Clash of Kings Mod Apk v2.28.0

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Clash of Kings Apk

Download Clash of Kings Mod Apk v2.28.0 - Haloo sobat semua apa kabar. Kali ini Teknolohiya akan membagikan kepada sobat semua sebuah game strategy dalam pertempuran dengan judul Clash of Kings Mod Apk v2.28.0 Terbaru. Game ini merupakan game strategy gratis terbaik untuk android anda.

Gamae Clash of Kings ini merupakan game yang mempunyai misi untuk menjadi pemenang dan mendapat penghargaan real time straeggi MMO di mana dalam pertempuran anda harus membangun sebuah kerajaan, menjdadi raja dan mengabil kendali kerajaan! Dalam permainan ini anda harus berjuang untuk bertahan hidup.

Menaruh pikiran strategis Anda untuk menguji terhadap kombatan dari seluruh dunia dalam game ini MMO di seluruh dunia. Ambil Clash of Kings sekarang dan bergabung jutaan pemain dari seluruh dunia!

Fitur :

  • Online Multiplayer PVP war fights 
  • Play PVP online against a great many different players 
  • Train monstrous armed forces and lead them into epic fights 
  • Assault foes, overcome their palaces and loot their assets 
  • Assault and involve the Position of authority to wind up the Lord 
  • MMO universe with huge online fights 
  • Enter an astonishing online world where kingdoms fight for control of a PVP dream kingdom 
  • Astonishing world guide to investigate with loads of PVE creatures to overcome 
  • Ongoing asset administration 
  • Converse with your companions with 1-on-1 informing, kingdom visit and union talk 
  • Ongoing methodology and leveling 
  • Battle and step up your Master 
  • Fashion stunning weapons and protection for your Master as you level up 
  • Specialty new hardware sets, prepare mystical things, for example, Dragonglass to expand qualities. 
  • Increment your details with the school, and research advances 
  • Fight for the Position of authority 
  • Go up against your kingdom and fight for the position of authority 
  • Assault and involve the Position of authority to wind up the Ruler 
  • Turn into the lord and administer the kingdom. Move your partners and devastate your adversaries 
  • Give buffs and uncommon titles to players in your kingdom, and in addition kingdom buffs 
  • Winged serpent Crusade and Old War zone 
  • Contend in monstrous arranged PVP fights and rivalries 
  • Fight against players from different kingdoms, battle for the pride of your kingdom 
  • Win monstrous in diversion rewards from the matches

Screenshot :

Clash of Kings Apk1 Clash of Kings Apk2
 Clash of Kings Apk3 Clash of Kings Apk4 
 Clash of Kings Apk5

What's New ?

  • Laba Festival
  • King’s Reinforcement
  • New Special Resource Plots Event
  • You can randomly check 10 Special Resource Plots in the world map (Above 2.26.0)
  • Others
  • Reduced the difficulty of first 6 levels of Hero Trials, adjusted the wounded percentage from 80% to 50%
  • Change the user limit for Red Envelopes, now you need lv.20 castle to use the Red Envelopes

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Clash of Kings Mod Apk v2.28.0

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